KB Article #177144

Connect fails to proxy server after upgrade


A circuit before upgrading to 7.3 would successfully call a static router, re-write URL and a connection filter with the "send via proxy" enabled. This would make the connection to the proxy server with a HTTP CONNECT request passing the URL. e.g.

CONNECT localhost:8080/services/getQuote HTTP/1.1

However after upgrade the connect aborts with the following exception :-

ERROR 25/May/2015:16:49:01.205 [11a9d940] nested fault: null: 
 at com.vordel.circuit.net.State.tryTransaction(State.java:286)
 at com.vordel.circuit.net.ConnectionProcessor.invoke(ConnectionProcessor.java:265)
 at com.vordel.circuit.net.ConnectionProcessor.invoke(ConnectionProcessor.java:240)
 at com.vordel.circuit.InvocationEngine.invokeFilter(InvocationEngine.java:150)
 at com.vordel.circuit.InvocationEngine.invokeCircuit(InvocationEngine.java:42)
 at com.vordel.circuit.InvocationEngine.recordCircuitInvocation(InvocationEngine.java:276)
 at com.vordel.circuit.InvocationEngine.processMessage(InvocationEngine.java:239)
 at com.vordel.circuit.SyntheticCircuitChainProcessor.invoke(SyntheticCircuitChainProcessor.java:64)
 at com.vordel.dwe.http.HTTPPlugin.processRequest(HTTPPlugin.java:364)
 at com.vordel.dwe.http.HTTPPlugin.invokeDispose(HTTPPlugin.java:378)
 at com.vordel.dwe.http.HTTPPlugin.invoke(HTTPPlugin.java:139)


The issue can be corrected by making sure there is an actual proxy server setup in the connection filter. In previous releases the proxy server was allowed to be blank and a static router filter could be used instead. The static router isn't necessary when the proxy server external connection is configured.


is configured correctly in the connection filter. This needs to be setup as an external connection section of Policy Studio and the se