KB Article #178018

Installing SecureTransport as a non-root user without a home directory


The Axway Installer maintains information about installed products in a file called .synchronycomponents, stored in the home directory of the user who executed the setup.sh script. If this is a non-root user who has no home directory defined, the Axway Installer will fail.


Disclaimer: The procedure below has been devised to work around customer-specific environment restrictions, and is provided "as is."

    • Login as the non-root user, backup and edit the setup.sh script of the Axway Installer.
    • Find the JAVA_ARGUMENTS variable and add " -Duser.home=$HOME". The result should look like this:

JAVA_ARGUMENTS="-Djava.net.preferIPv6Addresses=true -Duser.home=$HOME"

    • Export $HOME=<absolute path to the location where the .synchronycomponents file should be created>
    • Execute setup.sh

Alternatively, you can hardcode the absolute path in JAVA_ARGUMENTS directly, instead of exporting $HOME.

Note: The same steps should be applied to the uninstall.sh and update.sh scripts.