KB Article #178417

JSON Remove Node: deleted.json.node.list value stores $_0 instead of the removed node's name.


In previous versions, when removing a JSON node using the 'Save deleted nodes to be reinserted to new location' option, the JSON Remove Node filter stored the node, including the node name to delete.json.node.list attribute. Now, the node name is not stored and $_0 is stored instead. Consequently, when using the 'Insert previously remove nodes' in a JSON Add Node filter, the content added is not the same as that which was removed.


This was part of a deliberate change to allow for more flexibility. To achieve the old behavior, in the JSON Add Node filter you need to:

  1. Select 'Add as a new item' option and specify the deleted node's name as the name for that value.
  2. Enter the following selector in the "Content" field: ${deleted.json.node.list["$_0"]}