KB Article #179277

How best to change the directory used for trace files to a partition with more free space


An API Gateway instance trace directory may not have been initially allocated enough space especially if data or debug tracing was enabled.

It is possible to change the number of trace files retained after successive rollovers from the default 500 to help reduce the disk space requirement. However the host may have space on another partition that can be used instead. The documentation below shows how to change this directory in the trace.xml file.

API Gateway 7.5.3 Administrator Guide-Configure API Gateway trace files

This works fine for obtaining more space for trace files but the disadvantaged is that we no longer see the trace files from API Gateway Manager on 8090.

Workaround on Linux

Use a symbolic link for the gateway trace directory e.g.
ls -l apigateway/groups/group-3/instance-2/trace
lrwxrwxrwx 1 axway axway 18 Apr 12 11:55 apigateway/groups/group-3/instance-2/trace -> /home/axway/trace/