KB Article #177170

API Broker throws exception saying 'Unknown parameter' when invoking API registered in Management Solution Pack


* When invoking an API registered in the API Management solution pack, you get an exception like the following in the trace:

java exception: com.vordel.circuit.CircuitAbortException: Unknown parameter 'example' specified at com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.Broker$InvokedMethod.checkParams(Broker.java:413) at com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.Broker$InvokedMethod.processParameters(Broker.java:382) at com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.Broker$InvokedMethod.invoke(Broker.java:575) at com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.Broker$InvokedMethod.access$700(Broker.java:253) at
com.vordel.apiportal.runtime.Broker.processRequest(Broker.java:811) at com.vordel.dwe.http.HTTPPlugin.invokeDispose(HTTPPlugin.java:379) at com.vordel.dwe.http.HTTPPlugin.invoke(HTTPPlugin.java:173)


-- This may happen when the "Fail if unspecified parameters found" option is checked in Policy Studio for that API. Check the parameter settings on the 'exposure' tab of the API to make sure they are correct. Refer to the Axway API Server Management Guide's chapter on Configuring REST API Parameters for further information.