KB Article #180397

How to enable extra OpenSSL traces


You have an SSL issue and need to know the values returned by OpenSSL system calls, but these are not present in the traces.


7.5.3 SP11, 7.6.2 SP4, 7.7 SP1 and all later versions now print additional traces showing the results of all OpenSSL system calls when the environment variable V_SOCKET_DEBUG is set to any non-null value. Note that this is a system environment variable, not a Java property.

Some readers have noted that a different flag is mentioned in the release notes for those releases. The reason this flag is recommended instead of the new flag is because setting this flag now enables the new flag as well. Accordingly, this flag gives more information overall and is more useful for debugging purposes. So this flag does exist on prior versions, but does not, in fact, enable the debug traces that were added in these releases.